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Xfactor Kandyrain X rated past

Xfactor favorites Kandyrain met whilst working in a London lapdancing bar. Kandyrain the sexy new girl goups comprises of  Azi Jegbefume  25, Khatereh Dovani  24,  Chemmane Applewhaite  27, and Victoria Coco Lloyd

They used to perform private dances regularly at the Secrets clubs in Euston and Hammersmith for £30 a time, and I can’t help but wish I had payed that club a visit 🙂

Kandyrain - upping the X in Xfactor

Kandyrain - upping the X in Xfactor

The girls first  formed there friendship while working together at the club and later when on to formed Kandy Rain

An X Factor spokesperson has said that they were aware of the womens past employment, but insisted they no longer work in adult entertainment – all I can say is damb thats a shame.

The girls spokesperson said  ‘The girls no longer work as lap-dancers now they’re in the show and pursuing their dreams.’


The very sex Victoria 'Coco' Lloyd in lingerie, taken before the Xfactor auditions

The very sex Victoria 'Coco' Lloyd in lingerie, taken before the Xfactor auditions


A source has revealed to The Sun newspaper  ‘All four girls met while working as strippers in Secrets.

They want pop careers and have been saving up their tips for singing lessons and costumes.

The very sexy Victoria 'Coco' Lloyd playboy pictures

The very sexy Victoria 'Coco' Lloyd playboy pictures

She also worked as a presenter for adult cable channel Bang Babes.

Kandy Rain,is easily one of the favorites to win Xfactor this year and claim the million pound prize and recording contract. Even if they do not win its hard to see how Simon Cowell wont want to snap them up with every teenage lad in the land pulling there plonk to these lovesly. There a PR mans dream.

Kanyrain  impressed all the judges with their sexy black co-ordinated outfits and symmetrical dance moves.

Its sure to liven up Saturday nights for men of all ages up and down the UK


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Kanyrain make the Daily Mirror and Sun news papers

Kandyrain Sun

Kandyrain Sun

Kandy Rain are already making  an impact with articles in both the Daily Mirror and The Sun news papers. Xfactor has not even started yet and it would seem these girls are making quite a name for them self

Daily Mirror “Sassy girl band Kandy Rain, who wore leather and leggings for their try-out, are serious contenders for the prize of a £1 million recording deal”

The Sun newspaper on August 12th 2009 HERE is a first glimpse of sexy girl group Kandy Rain – tipped to make The X Factor’s live finals after bowling over the judges.

Stunning Azi Jegbefume, Khatereh Dovani, Coco Lloyd and Chemmane Applewhaite are being billed as the UK’s version of Pussycat Dolls.

The girls hope the public will love them as much as X Factor boss Simon Cowell and his fellow judges Dannii Minogue, Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh.

A source close to the ITV1 show said: “Kandy Rain are one of the most professional bands the judges have ever seen. They were impressed by their singing and blown away by their dancing and image. It could be the first time a group has won the competition.”

Dance teacher Chemmane, from Basingstoke, Hants, told how her life changed when she met the other girls at a London X Factor audition and the group was born.

She said: “These girls are my soul mates. We will show determination till the end.”

Dubliner Azi, who represented Ireland as an athlete in her teens, added: “With Kandy Rain, it fits like a glove. The chemistry between us is so real.”

She said of Chemmane, Hertfordshire-born Coco and Khatereh, from West London: They’re like my sisters and I love them.

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