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Kandy Rain X Factor update

Kandy Rain with Robbie Williams

Kandy Rain with Robbie Williams

Tonight see`s the start of the live X Factor finals and the press are claiming that Simon Cowell is so ill that he may miss the first show – a first

Apparently he is laid up at home but talking to his groups over the phone.

Also in the news – more Kandy Rain gossip this week and the girls have denied tabloid reports that they met in a strip club.

Coco, Kat, Chemmane and Azi, who are being mentored by Louis Walsh in the finals, have said that lots of rumours about the group’s past are not accurate – personally I don’t care either way and mi sure there real fans wont either – its just the typical British press stirring up shit to sell papers.

Azi – “Can I get one thing straight, we didn’t meet in a strip club,”

“For those of you who have been to a strip club, how can four girls meet and decide we’re going to form a band?”

“Me and Azi actually met at another girl band audition,” said Coco.

“Azi got dropped and then we met the other girls at another audition a year ago. It was nothing to do with the stripping. When me and Azi met, neither of us were stripping and she’s only ever done it for a month.”

Commenting about other tabloid reports about their private lives “Some of these things said are hilarious. How can I be a WAG and a stripper? If I was a WAG shouldn’t my footballer be looking after me?”

Kandy Rain also insisted that if the band does fail they will not go back to working as lapdancers “Stripping was a means to an end, at the end of the day,” said Azi. “Kandy Rain is our future.”

Coco added: “We don’t regret it, but we’d like people to look past the stripping. That was only a tiny fraction of our lives. Kat is an amazing gymnast, Azi is a great songwriter, Chemmane has worked as a dance teacher all her life, I was studying law. These things are so far away from stripping.”

Rumours are also rife across the internet about a little romance between Coco Lloyd and Jamie ‘the afro’ Archer.

Coco Lloyd has dismissed the gossip of romance though.

Coco said that she is “not interested in men” while the reality show is taking place ( shame I would love her to be interested in my meat stick I can tell you πŸ™‚ )

“I think Jamie is a really nice guy, But at the moment, I don’t really want to be interested in men, I’m just concentrating on the music.”

Interestingly though Jamie Archer has reiterated his lusty affection for the former lapdancer when he was quizzed about their relationship.

“She’s hot. She’s beautiful. And I can get to live in a house with her… so I’ve already won,” he said.

Jamie, who is in Simon Cowell’s Over-25s group, previously admitted that he had developed a crush on Coco since moving into the X Factor house.

“I have a soft spot for Coco. She’s a lovely girl,” he told The Sun. “I just think she’s a gorgeous woman and any gorgeous woman you are obviously drawn to.”

Also check out this link for a interview with kandy rain and theΒ  annoying twatty twins

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Simon Cowell Signs Madonna, Houston, Rihanna and Robbie Williams for this seasons X Factor

Simon Cowell has reportedly managed to recruit a host of stars for this seasons X Factor including Madonna, Rihanna and Whitney Houston.

Last year rating soared for the Xfactor when pop star Beyonce appeared on the show.

Simon Cowell is hoping to smash last years viewing figures after securing deals with Madonna, Houston, Rihanna and Robbie Williams who is rumored to be using it to relaunch his stale career.

The publication alleges news of the superstar deals leaked after The X Factor choreographer Brian Friedman boasted about the talent due to perform on the show.

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