Jamie Archer seeing Coco Lloyd

Jamie Archer has confirmed that he is in fact going out with Coco Lloyd of Kandy Rain.

Jamie did not hide the fact he had a crush on Coco right at the beginning of the shows and is now looking forward to spending much more time with Coco now that he’s been voted out.

“I just can’t wait now to start getting on with my career and seeing Coco,”

Jamie sang Queen’s ‘Radio Ga Ga’ last Saturday. He also admittedd to being very impressed by Dannii Minogue’s tits this weekend as she was showing lots of cleavage.

“I have loved looking at Cheryl and Dannii every week,” he joked. “Especially Dannii’s tits yesterday, they were great. I am surprised no one noticed my lobon.”

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Kandy Rain were booed off stage :(

According to The Sun Kandy Rain were booed off stage in Surrey at the weekend

Azi Jegbefume, Coco Lloyd, Khatereh Dovani and Chemmane Applewhite appeared at McClusky’s in Kingston at the weekend and apparently had to be escorted off stage by security due to a negative audience reaction – must have been all the jealous ugly women in the crowd.

“It was carnage. Kandy Rain were only on stage for about five minutes. Every time they tried to talk they just got booed. It looked like things could turn nasty so the bouncers escorted them away.”

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Kandy Rain on Danyl Johnson – he is a fake

Kandy Rain have blasted X Factor botty boy Danyl Johnson.
The girls who got voted out last week told the News of the World that Johnson had upset them so much that they had to call one of the programme’s producers.
“He is the most fake person in the entire world,” Azi Jegbefume said. “He’s really two-faced. He can turn on tears in a flash. Its like he thinks to himself, ‘How will this look if I cry on camera? Will it make me look good?’  – he is a compleat con.
“He’s so arrogant. He’s walking around the house like he’s a champion as if he’s won the show already.”
Azi also complained that Johnson had hurt her with his comments at the contestants’ house and personally I think she should have slapped the dirty shit stabber.
“We had to call one of the producers to the house, we were that upset,” she said. “The producer told me he would have a word with Danyl.  Even then he didn’t apologise.”
Meanwhile, Kandy Rain member Khatereh Dovani accused Johnson of manipulating the younger contestants.
“He was saying he wanted to do rude things to Azi,” she explained. “But he says he likes guys. The younger ones get influenced by him and change the way they act. But one minute he’s straight, the next he’s gay, the next he’s bi. Make up your mind!” – personally I think its a part of his fake persona
Judge Louis Walsh has previously accused Johnson of bullying Kandy Rain.

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Sexy Coco Vicky Lloyd video

Sexy Kandy Rain star Coco ‘Vicky’Lloyd has confessed in a lads’ mag video to sleeping with a teacher.

The X Factor star has  revealed the story in a video that she filmed when she was only 18 called Naughty Newcomers Strip For The First Time.

Lloyd “The naughtiest thing I’ve ever done was probably when I started seeing a teacher for about two weeks. I followed him on his break into the classroom. We thought no-one was in.”

“But as we started getting jiggy some people had seen us coming in so it was a bit of sex education for all those kids.”

A spokesperson for the X Factor told The Sun that the singer was “simply being cheeky” in the film.

Also some more videos

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Kandy Rain Voted off final X Factor

I can not believe it – Kandy Rain are the first act to be voted off The X Factor, they where miles better on every level then them stupid twaty twins

Kandy Rain where in the bottom two with Rachel Adedeji after the first public vote of the series. Both acts then had to perform a song of their choosing to get a judges’ votes.

Rachel was the first act ,performing ‘Nobody Knows’ by Pink. Kandy Rain performed the Christina Aguilera anthem ‘Fighter’.

Then the judges then had to decide who they where going to save. Louis Walsh was not present after the death of Stephen Gately. Louis vote was automatically transferred to Kandy Rain as he is there mentor

Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole voted against Kandy Rain – no surprise there after there comments on Saturday, leaving Simon Cowell with the deciding vote. Cowell stated he wanted to see more of Kandy Rain and decided to send home Adedeji.

Stalemate – as both acts had two judges votes, the decision went to deadlock. Kandy Rain was the act with the least amount of public, meaning that they were eliminated from the competition.

After the decision, Kandy Rain said: “We couldn’t have done any better really. We were really hoping everyone would give us a second chance. Every bit was our favourite bit, we just really enjoyed it.”

Kandy Rain on G M T V

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